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RM8/I – 3C90 core, performance evaluation

I have released the last video of the testing series Ferrite core systems performance in Joule Thief configuration. A chart will be produced for all cores and a link presented below this video. Watch out for post notification on the website. I suggest to link to the RSS feed. The video is on the same […]

Large N30 core, performance evaluation

I like to announce the availability of the large N30 core performance evaluation test. It is the scaled up version of the small N30 core I tested before. You find the video under Movies and Ferrite core systems performance in Joule Thief configuration at the bottom. The direct link for Gold members is here. In my next […]

M-088, performance evaluation

I have released the next video of the test series of ferrite cores. This is the M-088 nanoper core from Magnetec. It is a filter core with extraordinary performance values at higher power values. It shows in self triggered mode like the Joule Thief or the LED driver circuit very low frequency response based on […]

N30 core, performance evaluation

I have released the next video of my testing series of the anomalies of ferrite cores. I test the N30 core which has outstanding performance levels where all loads perform very well. The video is available under Movies and the direct link for Gold members is here TheOldScientist

Nanoperm Versus Ferrite Cores

I have added under tutorial a presentation from Dr. Ferch which highlights the benefit and performance gain of Nanoperm material compared to standard Ferrite material. You find the document under the letter N in tutorial. Look for this image

The Joule Thief and Power Anomalies in the Ferrite Core

I like to kick of a new testing series where I investigate in more details about this interesting phenomena. I move away from the transformer performance over to the ferrite performance. In this way the winding has only one function and that is to saturate the core and the transistor. Also note based on my […]

Development Update, January 2018

I like to give a brief overview of projects I have prepared for my next video series. We look into performance evaluation and compare the small led circuit I have available for download on my member website. Available to Guest members. The Metglas C-core and compare it to the nanocrystal Metclass Toroid core. Here I […]

The Urantia Book

I have added a new content the so called Urantia book. The Urantia Book is a spiritual and philosophical book that originated in Chicago sometime between 1924 and 1955. It details the existing of the Universe, God and Jesus. it is available to all members under research and books.

New Movie available under “Space Conditioning”

Hello, I am happy to announce the release of a new movie in the Space conditioning series. Title: Capture Vortices Fields in a Capacitor You find the movie under the menu “Movie” and on the page “Space Conditioning” at the bottom. The content is visible for Gold Members only.