Resonance in biological entities part 3, New video

Admin/ August 13, 2021/ Radiant Energy

I give you an update of the current Electroculture project. I move from the pancake coils to Professor Konstantin Meyl’s pancake coils. I will start with a test script and follow the guideline outlined in his book Documentation of the Scalar wave technology. We experienced heating problems with the

Geometric objects and harmonising space

Admin/ September 4, 2019/ Radiant Energy

Hello, I have made available the latest video of the Geometric Objects series. Here I apply sacred geometry to electrical systems. The results are very interesting. Note that this device is build to test the performance of such system but also for a cleansing and harmonising effect of the environment.

Phoenix journals added under books

Admin/ May 18, 2019/ Aether

Hello, You find the Phoenix journals #37 under research and books. It is based on Walter Russell’s lectures and has the name Science of the cosmos. Transformation of man. This content is available to all metal members.  

Radiant Energy and Dielectric Fields

Admin/ April 5, 2018/ Radiant Energy

I like to provide an overview of what a dielectric field is and the importance for nature. I therefore will demonstrate the behavior of a Radiant energy collection device. The device is receiving dielectric energy which is converted into electromagnetic energy to power the LED. The conditions to make it

Standing waves versus resonant waves

Admin/ March 27, 2018/ Radiant Energy

I like to announce the production of a video series about the comparison of energy harvesting of standing waves versus resonant waves. A standing wave is considered a mismatch configuration by engineering standards because all power is reflected back to the amplifier and not to the load. However, to avoid

Next Generation Coil Design, Part1 movie released

Admin/ February 13, 2018/ Radiant Energy

I am happy to announce the release of my new series of the new generation of coil design. This design was mentioned by Tesla but not explained in details. I hope you saw the video on Youtube where I advertised this new series. I will go to the bottom of

New Movie available under “Space Conditioning”

Admin/ January 4, 2018/ Radiant Energy

Hello, I am happy to announce the release of a new movie in the Space conditioning series. Title: Capture Vortices Fields in a Capacitor You find the movie under the menu “Movie” and on the page “Space Conditioning” at the bottom. The content is visible for Gold Members only.

Amorphous Ribbon Amorphous Metal Strip Metglas for Sale

Admin/ January 2, 2018/ Radiant Energy

I sell the Metglas ribbon type for all interested to replicate my experiments and to produce superior transformer cores. I sell in lots of 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 meter. Minimum order is 5 meter. Ask for shipping cost for higher lots than 5 meter. Dimension is 9 cm